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Joining the Professional Cast


Become a Part of the Festival!

We want to see your performance with an audience;  We need to see what you do and how your audience reacts to your show.  A video of your show with an audience is best.


The first step in becoming a professional entertainer at our RenFest is to have a show that fits in the Renaissance Festival Ambiance. To be considered for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, send a video/link of your show to  What we look for in a show requires us to see some of your performance in front of a live audience, and some of your audience.  We need to see what you do so we know where it would fit best at our festival.  We also need to see how your audience responds to various parts of your show.  Raw video (minimal edits) is best for our needs.  We look for different information from different styles of performance.  The best comedy magician may have the audience roaring with laughter and amazement, while the best serious magician may leave an audience stunned in silence and amazement. Similar to musicians, some have you singing along others instill silence at the beauty of their music.  Fancy video edits often mask the information we need to see, simple videos of good quality tend to work the best for us.  


There are hundreds of variables entertainment directors have to consider when selecting entertainment.  If you do everything right and still don't get selected for a particular show... don't let it get you down;  It may have absolutely nothing to do with you or your show.  Those interested in 2022 should contact us in January - February of 2022 by sending us a link to a video of the performance you want to book at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival, and be up front about expected compensation.  We usually do not haggle (counter offer) over fees, it's either acceptable or we move on to the next act.  


P.S.: Please provide all the information we ask for in one brief email, or letter.  Long wordy emails and incomplete information will most likely get passed over.


- Alvon Brumfield, Entertainment Director

- Louisiana Renaissance Festival 

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