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Joining the Professional Cast


Become a Part of the Festival!

The first step in becoming a professional entertainer at our festival is to have a show that fits in the Renaissance Festival ambiance.


To be considered for the Louisiana Renaissance Festival:

  1. send a video/link of your show filmed in front of an audience to (Raw video with minimal edits is best)

  2. include a resume with shows you have performed at with the dates/years

  3. please include your availability (full run, first half, last two weekends, etc). 


There are many variables entertainment directors have to consider when selecting entertainment. Not every submission will be contracted to work at LARF due to a variety of factors that may have absolutely nothing to do with you or your show. Those interested in performing at LARF should contact us in January-February of the year they wish to perform.


PRO TIP: Please provide all the information we ask for in one brief email or letter. Long wordy emails and incomplete information will most likely get passed over.

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